Book Recommendations

I was never a reader. Basically because I had to read so many books in school, it felt like a chore. This all changed during my late 20's, when I started to develop an interest in productivity and personal development, and got recommended a book called 'Getting Things Done'. I read it in one sitting, and took the things I learned from it into practice the very same day.

Today I can honestly say I enjoy reading, and I prefer reading in English instead of my native language (Dutch). It develops my verbal abilities, improves my vocabulary, gives me focus, reduces stress, and (hopefully) improves my writing skills (you be the judge).

Most of the books I read relate to online business, bootstrapping, personal development and/or productivity, and have a hands-on approach. If you're interested in these subjects, here's a list of books I highly recommend.

'Getting Things Done' by David Allen

This book literally changed my life. In an age of information overload, work/life balance, and multitasking, Getting Things Done (or GTD for short) provides a comprehensive approach for increasing productivity while decreasing stress. To me it's an extremely effective way to balance all of the commitments in both my personal and professional life.

Getting Things Done

'ReWork' by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson (of 37signals)

A very straightforward book that does away with outdated business advice, and shows you a smarter, faster, and easier way to get your business off the ground. Whether you're just starting out as an entrepreneur, or have been a small business owner for some time, this is the book to get if you're looking for a hands-on guide to working smarter.


'Getting Real' by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson & Matthew Linderman

A book in the same straightforward tone as 'ReWork'. It offers a smart yet simple approach to developing web applications, and takes you through all aspects of the process. This includes interface design, features, coding, testing, and marketing among many others.

Getting Real

'Crush It!' by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk has a reputation of being loud and direct, yet he often manages to strike the right chord when it comes to business and marketing advise. I've been following him for some years now, so when his first book 'Crush It!' came out, I immediately bought it. The book is written in the same direct tone, and teaches you in a practical way how to build your personal brand using social media.

Crush It!

'#AskGaryVee' by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk's most recent and - in my opinion - best book so far. It's fast paced, packed with information, and covers just about every subject he talked about in his #AskGaryVee show. If you're serious about business or personal growth and are committed to taking action, this is the book to read.