Introducing Chiefly

What started in 2005 as an internal tool to stay on top of my online endeavours, as well as manage my day-to-day actions, has recently become available for everyone to use.

Chiefly started out as just a simple tool, developed to keep track of the sites I ran. For each site it showed various statistics, affiliate earnings, and a list of todos. Over the years, more features were added, and like any piece of software, it has been rebuilt several times.

In 2015, when I began using the Laravel PHP framework, and was looking for a personal project where I could fully try out and take advantage of the features Laravel had to offer, I decided to rebuild Chiefly from scratch. Feature-wise, much has been added since then. Core features now include managing endeavours, projects, actions, sites, domains, and social accounts.

Still just a side project, Chiefly is currently in beta. During this beta period, all of the features that have been developed up until now are available to try out, and new features will continue to be added. I'd love to connect and hear what you think of Chiefly. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



Chiefly dashboard

Arne Hendriksen
16-04-2018 16:41
Last update
13-10-2018 13:30