Resurrecting the Netlabel I Founded in 1997

During the late 90's, there was a strong emerge of music labels on the internet, known as 'netlabels'. SCP, short for Supreme Core Productions, was one of those netlabels. Founded in 1997 by yours truly, SCP featured several up-and-coming artists and released about 60 tracks, both online and on CD compilations. Highlights include international collaborations, involvement from live bands, and tracks being played at some of the biggest dance parties.

This all lasted until somewhere in 2000, when the label disbanded.

But as the Blues Brothers would say: "We're putting the band back together."

I'm excited to announce SCP will be resurrected! We're currently in the final stages of building the new website, which will feature a nearly complete backcatalogue, artist info, some history/background stuff (timeline, anecdotes, behind-the-scenes stuff). Also, I've been in talks with several former artists, including the bands that we collaborated with. There's still a lot of unfinished material, and we're planning on finishing those tracks and release them once the label is fully active again.

Stay tuned for more news! I will be updating this post once I have more to announce.