The Power of Quick Decision Making

Although I have been consciously engaged in productivity and personal development for years now, I must honestly say that this has only really become clear to me over the past year; there lies great power in making quick decisions. Instead of postponing, try to decide on things as quickly as possible.

Too often we (including myself) think that finishing the right todo-lists with the right action items (in the right context) is the solution to getting things done, and that, by building a system for yourself around it, you will rise from your 'standard' mode and function fully 'in the zone'. This is actually only half the truth.

The other half is this; many of our action items often remain unprocessed (or even worse, they keep clogging up our mind) because they not only include a 'to do', but also a 'to decide'. Just check with yourself; how many of your unprocessed action items really only include something that needs to be done? I bet that a large part of it has been unprocessed because you still have to form an opinion about it, or because there's something about it that needs deciding before you can really take action.

Here's a challenge:

  • First, try to identify these items. If necessary, make a (separate) list of it.
  • Once you have done this; take each item and split it in two; the 'to decide' and the actual 'to do'.
  • Be as clear as possible in describing it!
  • Plan some time (and rest) for yourself, take the list for yourself, and go through the 'to decide' items one by one.
  • Think about it (but don't overthink), make your decision, and move on to the next item.
  • Once you have processed the 'to decide' items, you have a 'to do' list with real actionable items. Process it at your own discretion.

This also applies just as well if you are not using actual todo-lists. Chances are that there are currently many unprocessed things in your head that you have to think about or decide on. Do something about it!