Arne Hendriksen

designer / developer

Creator of Megaproductive, Followerbase, Startup ebooks, Chiefly (sold), and Username Alert. Publisher of KerstmisGids (Dutch). Former netlabel owner. Open source contributor. Small-scale investor in digital assets and web property. Occasional home studio musician. Productivity enthusiast and GTD adept.

Started out as a designer, took an interest in development, and have been starting web/creative projects ever since. My constant drive to create and improve turned me into a serial maker and entrepreneur.

Accepting new client work starting July 1st, 2021.

Web and creative


I've built a diverse portfolio of web and creative projects over the years, ranging from niche blogs and communities, to products and services for internet entrepreneurs. Some have turned into small ventures while others remain active as pet projects.

Featured below is a selection of my most notable projects. For a more extensive list of past and present projects, see this blog post.


Design work

I'm using Dribbble for showcasing my design work. Check out my profile for sketches, early-stage designs, and finished works.

My Dribbble profile




Think of Megaproductive as an Evernote for actionable and reference items. With tags, advanced search filters, and smartlists, Megaproductive aims to level up your daily workflow, and help you identify the things that actually need to get done.


Social media


Currently in its MVP stage, FollowerBase provides you with the full details of your (or your competitor's) Twitter follower base (including stats, contact details), and lets you export all details to an Excel file.

Startup ebooks


Startup ebooks

A curated list of ebooks about entrepreneurship, startups, and bootstrapping. Updated weekly, this list features mostly free ebooks that can be downloaded directly.

Doing my part


Part of being a developer is writing clean and reusable code. This is a trait I still think is underrated by many. Even in the early stages of building something new, I always look for pieces of code to refactor, reuse in other projects, and/or turn into stand-alone packages. Most of these packages get published to public repositories under an open source license.

Aside from contributing to the open source development community, I'm also actively involved in the maker community, and am occasionally asked to write guest blogs about productivity, personal development, and bootstrapping.

Open source

Composer packages

My public PHP packages are available from Packagist, and can be installed with Composer. These packages range from vanilla PHP helper classes, to packages that add functionality to Laravel applications.

My packages at Packagist

Open source

npm packages

My public JavaScript and front-end packages are available from npm, and can be installed with either npm or Yarn.

My packages at npm

Let's get in touch

I love connecting with new people, so feel free to contact me and introduce yourself. The best way to contact me is either through Twitter or email.

Accepting new client work

Starting July 1st, 2021, I will be accepting new client work.