Designer, developer & maker

Arne Hendriksen

Creator of Megaproductive, Chiefly, Username Alert, and Startup ebooks. Publisher of KerstmisGids (Dutch). Former netlabel owner. Open source contributor. Small-scale investor in digital assets and web properties. Occasional home studio musician. Productivity enthusiast and GTD adept.

Started out as a designer, took an interest in development, and have been starting web/creative projects ever since. My constant drive to create and improve turned me into a maker and serial bootstrapper. I'm not available for client work.

Web and creative


I've built a diverse portfolio of web and creative projects over the years, ranging from niche blogs to products and services for internet entrepreneurs. Some have turned into small ventures while others remain active as pet projects.

Here is a selection of my most notable projects.

Not available for client work

Although I'm quite the busy man when it comes to design & development projects, none of these projects are actually commissioned work. Due to a non-compete clause in my job contract, I am currently unable to provide web design services to prospective clients.


Megaproductive is a personal project above all, but as someone who advocates productivity and personal development, I decided to make it available to the public.

Being a designer/developer, a productivity enthusiast, and a practitioner of the Getting Things Done productivity method, naturally I was going to build my own productivity app. Megaproductive supports the whole GTD workflow, and features a variety of advanced search filters, and integrations with Evernote and Gmail.


Chiefly started out as an internal tool for managing my online endeavours and day-to-day actions. Now it's available for everyone to use. Currently in beta.


A Dutch guide to everything Christmas. Currently working on a complete redesign of the site, and preparing for next season.


Founded in 1997, SCP was my first online endeavour, which started out as a website that offered tracker music. This website grew out to be a well-known internet-label in the online hardcore-techno scene, and spawned several artists who are still working as professional DJ's and producers to this date. To help preserve its legacy, we're planning on re-releasing its complete backcatalogue along with previously unreleased tracks and behind the scenes material.

Username Alert

Simple service that lets you submit a username that’s currently taken, and will notify you whenever your it becomes available on any of the social networks you've selected.

Concepts and designs

Design work

Aside from working on my projects and endeavours, I devote a substantial amount of my time to developing new concepts, getting inspired, and designing new things. Although some of these concepts and designs will never come to fruition, others may grow to become a welcome addition to my endeavours.

Featured here are some of the concepts and designs I have worked on over the years.

More of my design work can be found on my Dribbble profile.