Arne Hendriksen

Designer, developer & maker.

Designer. Developer. Maker. GTD adept. Productivity enthusiast. List maker. Note taker. Apple fan. Serial internet entrepreneur (no client work). Small-scale investor in digital assets and web properties. Open source contributor. Creator of Chiefly, Username Alert, and Startup ebooks. Publisher of KerstmisGids (Dutch). Former netlabel owner. Occasional home studio musician.

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27 Nov

Looking for internet entrepreneurs, bloggers and digital nomads!

As Chiefly is nearing its official release, we're looking for people who'd like to help us test it. Are you a (serial) internet entrepreneur, blogger, or digital nomad, and interested in becoming a beta tester? Then hit us up for an account!

13 Jan

Plans this year

Aside from my obvious goal of launching several projects this forthcoming year, my plans also include putting out more content on this site and my social media accounts. As part of that, I’ve been going through some of my older work, like unreleased tracks, design stuff, etc. and deciding if there’s anything worth finishing and/or publishing.

Current projects

Projects that currently have my attention


Chiefly started out as an internal tool for managing my online endeavours and day-to-day actions. Now it's available for everyone to use. Currently in beta.


A Dutch guide to everything Christmas. Currently working on a complete redesign of the site, and preparing for next season.


Founded in 1997, SCP was one of the most talked about netlabels in the online hardcore-techno scene. To help preserve its legacy, we're planning on re-releasing its complete backcatalogue along with previously unreleased tracks and behind the scenes material.

Website checklist

I thought I'd share my personal checklist for building, launching, and optimizing a website. It started as a combination of several checklists, and has been revised many times over the last several years. This is by no means the most comprehensive list, as there are so many useful resources on the web, but this is what works for me. Hopefully it will be of some use to you.

Book recommendations

I was never a reader, basically because I had to read so many books in school, it felt like a chore. This all changed during my late 20's, when I started to develop an interest in productivity methods, and got recommended a book called 'Getting Things Done'. I read it in one sitting, and took the things I learned from it into practice the very same day.

Introducing Chiefly

What started in 2005 as an internal tool to stay on top of my online endeavours, as well as manage my day-to-day actions, has recently become available for everyone to use.

Chiefly started out as just a simple tool, developed to keep track of the sites I ran. For each site it showed various statistics, affiliate earnings, and a list of todos.

Contributing to Open Source

At the beginning of this year I made a conscious decision to open source more of my code. I have a number of different reasons for doing so, which I'd like to explain in this article. Hopefully this will inspire more developers to make more of their code open source, and actively contribute to sharing and collaborating on open source technology.